Moveable Barre Chord Shapes

Barre chords are indispensable tools for playing a complete array of chords. Two common major shapes and two common minor shapes can help you play nearly any chord you can imagine.

They work by placing your index finger across all of the frets as if your finger was a moveable bridge. The rest of your fingers create either an A, Am, E, or Em. The tip of your pointer finger is the root of the chord, which can be moved up and down the fretboard. If you place your barre finger across the fifth fret with an Em shape, the chord would be an Am.

Major Barre Chord Shape   Minor Barre Chord Shape

Major Barre Chord Shape   Minor Barre Chord Shape
Moveable-Guitar-Barre-Chord-A-Major-shape   Moveable-Guitar-Barre-Chord-A-Minor-shape

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Honest Guitar – Moveable Major and Minor Barre Chord Shapes