Horizontal Scales

Another way to get “out of the box” is to use a different type of scale. Tons of variations exist, but I like the four note per string scales as shown here. The greatest part is that each string uses the same fingering widths only shifted. The trick is to know where you are when you start so that you use the right scale. If you recognize your intervals, you can figure out the interval to slide on. It’s only one interval for each scale.

F Major; Slide from sixth to seventh

This is a movable pattern. To play in G major, start the exact same pattern on the third fret. Starting on a different note in the pattern will change modes in the same way box patterns do. In this example, if you started on the sixth degree, you will be playing D minor. Refer to page 16 to review modes. Every slide is a whole step.

F Dorian


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Honest Guitar – Horizontal Scales