Guitar Solos

Your favorite guitarist has ability to play amazing guitar solos. How did they learn to do that?

They learned a few things early on. They developed:

  • Music theory knowledge
  • Ability to connect their hands and ears
  • The discipline and passion to practice
  • A love for creating music

You might be surprised to learn that great sounding solos are often simple and common patterns. These patterns are like salt and sugar in food. They might not be exciting to think about, but they are critical to getting your result.

Most students and guitar players learn too much. Nearly all music is created with the same tools and skills. Master these first, and you will be in demand to practice and hone your guitar soloing skills in successful bands.

You have a few options. You can scour the internet and hope that you find the help you need from a good source, or you can grab a copy of Honest Guitar right here.

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