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How to Hold Your Guitar

Your First Sounds

Are you ready to play a chord? Well, I’ll make sure you do it right. First things first.

How do I hold a guitar?

1. Sitting Position

A number of ways are available to hold your guitar. The first is the sitting position. Sit up straight with the body of the guitar on your right thigh and let it point to the left as shown in Picture $$. The back of the guitar is leaning on me. Also notice that the chair has no arms. That makes it easier to hold and strum the guitar freely.

2. Classical Position

Another way to hold your guitar is the classical position. I’ll warn you, it’ll make you look like a dork, so you better be playing classical music, over the age of 30, quirky, or just an amazing player. You move the guitar from the right thigh, to the middle as in Picture $. Unless you are a classical guitarist, the first sitting position will do just fine.

3. Standing Position

If you plan on rocking out or performing in public, you should learn how to stand and play guitar also. First, you need a strap that properly connects to your guitar. Follow the instructions to connect it. Then sit down and swing the strap over your left shoulder. Tighten it until no slack is left. Stand up. Your guitar may move slightly to the left to find its center of gravity, but it should not fall lower down your body. Let go of the guitar and let it hang. It will move to its center of gravity just as in Picture $$. Don’t pull or push the guitar away. Just play it like it hangs. This way, you can easily change between sitting and standing without major changes in how you play. If you want, you can loosen it a hair so you don’t look uptight. If it is too low, your playing ability can be affected. Punk and metal bands sometime lower the guitar below their waist to make a statement. Some guitarists raise it such as Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine.

4. Lefteys

All a left handed person needs to do is use a left handed guitar and have the guitar body on the left side, pointing to the right as shown in Picture $$.