About Andrew

Hi, it’s Andrew, and I’ll give you a quick introduction so you don’t have to wonder, “Who is the guy that wrote this?”

I picked up a guitar back in high school when I was inspired by my favorite rock bands. I was awful! It took months for me to play basic songs because I was too stubborn to go to a guitar instructor or buy a good book. Actually I looked for a good book but couldn’t find one that wasn’t made for either first graders or jazz fusion professionals. I was in the middle like most people.

I practiced all day after school and learned the mechanics of picking, strumming, and fretting well. I could play tough songs… But they were OTHER people’s songs. I didn’t know how they came up with the song in the first place!


It wasn’t until I was in the backseat of a car heading to Yellowstone on a family vacation that things clicked. I was determined to memorize all the scales with the belief that that would make me a better player.

I soon realized that I didn’t have to memorize much at all to bring me to a completely new level of skill, and that scales are not something to simply be memorized. It is a much deeper animal.

I practiced all day after school, wrote and recorded songs with a few friends, and played them live at a couple venues. Later in college, I played in a couple jam bands and taught lessons when I wasn’t studying.

Changing goals

I’m not a guitar god, and I don’t play blazing fast. if that’s your goal, you might consider rethinking it. It’s only impressive to other guitarists that want to play fast. Listen to your favorite songs. I bet they aren’t really that hard to play. I want to share my music with friends, family, and a greater audience, not the guys at the guitar shop.

Now I focus on creating music. It is much more difficult to write compelling songs, and it also takes different skills than just playing. You need a certain toolset to be able to create music, improvise, write solos, and play by ear. Knowing how music is made even helps you remember cover songs.

Why should you believe me?

You don’t have to take my word that I enjoy writing my own original songs, jamming in bands, and improvising. Honest Guitar: Practical Theory has a 100% money back guarantee. If you didn’t find it useful or just didn’t like it, get your money back.

I wasted a lot of time near the beginning of my guitar playing, wondering what others new that enabled them to write interesting music. Many people just quit after learning a few covers. Don’t be like those guys. Music is fun as a profession and a hobby. Lessons are expensive, and for the price of just one, get more than most people that pick up a guitar will ever learn.

I wrote this book to give you the necessary skills and knowledge to make original music and join a band. If you do these things, you will play the rest of your life. If you don’t, you will be selling your guitar soon.

I want to encourage you to continue making music. One day, I hope to see you on stage.

Andrew Robertson