Learn the skills that beginners never figure out

Honest Guitar: Practical Theory eBook Cover

Honest Guitar: Practical Theory eBook,
everything you need to get started now!

Honest Guitar: Practical Theory gives you the tools to:

  • Improvise lead guitar solos on the spot
  • Create your own songs from scratch
  • Start a band and take the world by storm
  • Play any genre of music, country, rock, blues, electronica, metal
  • Gain an attractive skill that gains interest
  • Make your own killer riffs that turn heads
  • Play and remember your favorite songs
  • Express yourself with a unique sound and style

This is the book I wish I had right after I learned to read tabs. Other nstructional books, videos, and online courses will help you learn to read tabs, strum, and play songs written by someone else. They teach you how to read. I wanted to learn how to write.

If you have skills but wish you could stop being a guitar parrot–repeating back songs from books–and create your own music, then the Honest Guitar eBook is a gentle guide to the tools you need to use and the ideas you need to understand.

It takes practice. But it does not take long before you can create your own songs. It’s thrilling to hear someone ask, “Who made that song?” and you get to answer, “I did!”

Everything you need to learn to play guitar is free on the internet… somewhere. But it takes many wasted days, weeks, months, sorting and sifting through everything from boring basic children’s songs to confusing jazz fusion rants. I know because that’s what I did.

I spent hours practicing pointless exercises and reading nonsense that did not help me. That experience drove me to write this book for budding guitarists that want to create, not replicate, like you.

Honest Guitar: Practical Theory is suitable for those learning:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • and even Bass guitar.

Once you know how to strum and pick, follow along and learn practical theory that transforms strumming and picking into chords and riffs, and soon you will be making your own songs!

Take a look at the most important topics in the table of contents straight from inside the book: Honest Guitar – Table of Contents

Grab a copy of Honest Guitar: Practical Theory for less than one guitar lesson to begin creating your own original music right away.


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